Giving Your Pathway A Step Up With Stunning Stepping Stones & Pavers

Durable natural stone offers a more luxurious way for you and your guests to get from A to B throughout your outdoor living space. Coldspring New York offers high quality granite pavers to suit your budget, space and personal tastes.

Let’s Get To Stepping

Choose Your Own Path With Locally Quarried Granite Materials

You’re looking for unique. One of a kind. And we are here to offer just that. No two stones are exactly the same – each step has its own idiosyncrasies and personality – making this granite pathway a truly unique element of your breathtaking hardscape.

The Added Advantages of Natural Stone Pavers & Tiles

Beyond their long-term durability, natural stone pavers offer home owners an easy-to-maintain option for their backyards, patios and other outdoor entertainment areas. These materials can be pressure washed without fear of deterioration or destruction. Sourced for quality, longevity and versatility, our stone can also be shaped and trimmed to fit whatever space necessary without risk of discoloration or loss of aesthetic.

Coldspring New York: Flawless Stone, Seamless Installation

We are a natural stone paver company that takes great pride in its work – and that begins with the domestic stone that we source and ends with an incredible final project that you will always cherish and guests will forever compliment.

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Have additional questions about our stone pavers and stepping stone selection? Wondering which natural stone building material is right for your outdoor landscape? Our design professionals can answer these questions and help you get started on your next project!

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